Social Darwinism Research Paper

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Social Darwinism is a term used to explain the Theory that Darwin's Rules of Evolution can be applied on Society. Charles Darwin, a British scientist (1809-1889) developed his theories of Evolution after traveling the World for over 5 years and observing many Plants and Animals in their Evolution. He was inspired by many philosophers and writers like Thomas Malthus. His famous Theories called „ Survival of the Fittest“ imply that some Species have traits which help them to adapt to their environment better and therefore survive. Species which did not develop useful traits through mutation eventually die off. Social Darwinist argue that these Rules of Evolution apply on Humans and therefore there are less and more developed Species of Mankind.The…show more content…
Under the name of Hitler 6 million Jews were killed in Concentration Camps including over a million Children. However he did not only persecute Jews he also killed 4 million Homosexuals , Mentally and Physically Ill Germans and of course many Political Opponents. He killed everyone who did not belong to his vision of the „ Superior Race ” as the final solution to stop them from Reproducing and „contaminating the Aryan gene-pool ”. However he did not invent the hatred of Jews, it goes back to medieval times as people believe that it were the Jews who killed Jesus. Ever after Jews were persecuted by Christians. In the French Revolution however People started blaming Jews for various other Reasons including Communism, The Black Death and generally everything they could think of.In the following Years Jews were mostly kept in Ghettos at the Edge of Cities to restrict them from interbreeding with the Citizens. As the Bible does not allow the Money Lending Business Jews started becoming wealthy Businessmen which of course also created more hatred even-though they helped many big German
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