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America in the 1960’s was all about free love, peace and good vibes. With the “hippie culture” in full swing, illegal drug use, the Beatles and open-mindedness seemed to be around every corner. In the late 1960’s, Charles Manson and his “family” took things too far with what became known as the Manson family murders. Some 40 years later, Manson and his “family” still remain recognizable today. Manson was born on November 12, 1934, in Cincinnati, Ohio, to 16 year old runaway, Kathlean Maddox. His biological father was never in the picture but he was known as “Colonel Scott.” Charlie’s life was not very stable as a child. He bounced around reform schools for minor offences until he was arrested for driving a vehicle over state lines and sent to a federal reformatory. In 1960, he was again arrested after fleeing to Texas …show more content…

He told Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkle and Leslie Van Houten to kill the couple. These murders were just a gruesome as the previous night’s. “Watson ran a bayonet into LaBianca 12 times, and carved the word “WAR” into his chest.” (Charlie Gillis) Rosemary was also stabbed 41 times. When the victims were found, LaBianca had a meat fork protruding from his body. Once again, the words “PIG” and the “Helter Skelter” were found in various places of the home, written in the victim’s blood. Susan Atkins was arrested in October for a murder that had happened in July 1969. When Atkins was questioned, she implicated the “Manson family.” The group hid out in the desert for two months before they were captured by police. There were 22 weeks of testimony and the whole trial lasted 41 weeks. During all of this, Manson and his followers were reported having outbursts and Manson himself would try to attack the judge. One of the lawyers that defended Manson, was found dead after the trial, with his body wedged between two

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