Charlotte Gray Chapter 1 Summary

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Chunk # 1 Chapters: 1 - 2 Set in Basil’s Home, Dorian and Henry first meet - Basil paints a portrait of Dorian and shows it to Henry - When Dorian arrives, the two meet (Henry and Dorian), and Henry speaks of his ideology - Fascinated, Dorian decides to go to the theatre with him, despite Basil’s objections – Basil objects, knowing that Dorian is quite naïve, and could easily be influenced by Henry’s cynicism Chunk # 2 Chapters: 3 - 4 Dorian and Henry’s relationship tightens, and Dorian falls in love - Henry visits his uncle to learn of Dorian’s past (Dead mother, father, raised by tyrant, the whole nine) - Goes, along with Dorian, to his aunt’s home at a small gathering, and he rants on about the hedonistic lifestyle - Dorian, being charmed by Henry’s ideals and way of …show more content…

Chunk # 5 Chapters: 9 - 10 Dorian starts to become more like Henry, and Dorian finds a new book - When Basil comes to Dorian’s house to give his condolences, Dorian, in a manor akin to Henry, shrugs it off in an apathetic manor – For which Basil blames on the influence of Lord

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