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Cassie Droelle 1510-01501 Chemical Equation 2 Visualizing Stoichiometry – Inquiry Lab Cassie Droelle 1510-01501 4-18-16 Introduction The purpose of this lab is to determine the complete balanced equation of a metathesis reaction with an unknown metal ion by first experimentally identifying the metal ion and then using stoichiometry to determine the rest of the equation. Stoichiometry is “the process by which quantities in a chemical reaction are compared” and is based on the Law of Conservation of Mass (1). The Law of Conservation of Matter “dictates that the mass of the reactants and mass of the products must be equal” (1). This is accomplished with the use of coefficients to keep the number of atoms consistent on …show more content…

The possibilities for the identity of the metal include copper and iron (1). The possible charges for copper are 1+ and 2+ (2). The possible charged of iron are 2+ and 3+ (2). By using stoichiometry, it can be concluded that there are only four possible equations: CuNO3 (aq) + NaOH (aq) > NaNO3 (aq) + CuOH …show more content…

If the ion is in solution, NaOH can be added and if a blue precipitate is formed the metal ion is copper (1). A flame test can also be used to identify the metal ion. Copper burns blue-green (1) and iron burns gold (3). A quantitative test can be used to then determine the charge of the metal ion. By performing the reaction with different ratios the charge of the metal ion can be determined. The ratio of Metal (?) Nitrate to NaOH in the first equation is 1 to 1. The ratio in the 2nd and 3rd equations are 1 to 2 and the ratio in the 4th equation is 1 to 3. Therefore, when the reaction is performed these are the reactant ratios that must be used in order to determine the charge of the ion. If the qualitative test identifies the metals and the quantitative test identifies the charge of the metal, then there should only be one possible equation left from the four above, because each equation has a unique metal ion.

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