Chickenshit Rules Analysis

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Before the centralization of prison systems, prisoners had the privilege to decorate their prison cell, personalize their prison clothing, and have different types of furniture, such as bookshelves, rugs, and chairs. However, this changed when the prison system became more centralized. Austin and Irwin (2012) explained that “the centralization of authority and the formation of rules and regulations in prison systems resulted in stringent and uniform routines”, which eliminated the privileges of the prisoners. In our course textbook, Dannie Martian, a former prisoner at Lompoc, provided insight on the changes that occurred at the prison in which he was incarcerated. In his story, he emphases that a former warden known as “Defoliating Bob” cut down 50 year old eucalyptus trees that served as windbreaks and he poisoned all of the squirrels that the inmates were feeding. In addition, he would not allow …show more content…

Yes, there should be limits on the freedoms and privileges of prisoners, but it should not be to the extent of the two former warden’s actions at Lompoc. There are two particular measures that I did not agree with the most. The first action is the poisoning of the squirrels, and the killing of innocent cats and raccoons. This is animal cruelty, and definitely going too far. Wardens should not feel like they have to kill innocent animals to punish inmates and make then suffer. Another action I do not agree with is forbidding the inmates to receive Christmas packages. Personally, I do not see any harm in allowing the inmates to receive care packages from the families. Lastly, I can understand where why the wardens made the inmates wear prison jumpsuit instead of clothes that they have designed because it makes the correctional department look unprofessional. This includes the cars that the inmates have

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