Child Attachment Research Paper

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Children and Attachment Childhood attachment to ones parents is something that can be both good and bad but nonetheless it is perfectly normal. Children grow up with their parents and they learn to trust and get used to their presence and as such it is something that can neither be avoided but should not be wholly stamped out either unless a child was led to believe that they could not rely on their parents when they need help. Raising a child does require some level of attachment but the problem comes from how much , there are many books about all about child rearing but the exact definite amount does not exist since it just varies depending on the child and parenting style. My main thesis and idea around this is that everyone is different …show more content…

This specific type is characterized as when a child is very resistant to their parental figure leaving , the books definition being “A pattern of attachment in which anxiety and uncertainty are evident, as when an infant becomes very upset at separation from the caregiver and both resists and seeks contact on reunion” ( Berger, 2004 ). The child will be visibly upset when their parent leaves , they do not like to be apart from them which could end up harming their functioning later in life. A child going to school will have a very rough time if they will never want to leave the presence of their parents. This type most likely comes from parents who are too uncaring , it is not that they neglect the child but the child does not live up to the parent and so the child still stays attached. According to the book something like parental mental illness or mistreatment can actually increase the chance of this type. Although while such acts may increase the chance of such happening part of it also just comes from genetics so shy kids may be more apt to be so. The fourth and final type would be type D which is disorganized attachment. This final type is a bit of a mystery since the child responds randomly to the presence or leaving of the caregiver , the books exact definition of it is “A type of attachment that is marked by an infant 's inconsistent reactions to the caregiver 's departure and return” ( Berger, 2004 ). The causes of this one can be a bit difficult but there are a couple things that can increase this such as alcoholic parents , great deals of stress due to things like income , and also mistreatment like

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