Chinatown Vs. Harlem In The Piano Lesson

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Wilson strongly believed that being black in an American society was challenging and unfair. He saw that America was trying to advance to overcome racial discriminations; however, he also recognized these efforts were hardly successful. Wilson shows that black people are simply seen as criminals that are a burden on an American society in his play, “The Piano Lesson” through the negative portrayal of Boy Willie and Grace. In the interview with Wilson, a very strong argument was made to prove that black culture and people were not of as high of stature as other races. It was said that Chinatown is a tourist attraction, but Harlem is seen as dangerous. Even though, both Chinatown and Harlem are areas highly populated by people of the same culture. Tourist house a desire to explore Chinatown. On the other hand, Harlem is avoided at all cost. Chinatown is seen as an entertaining way to spend the day experiencing different cultures. Harlem is seen as a great place to observe crime and risk one’s life as they walk through the neighborhood.…show more content…
This follows the stereotype that blacks are nothing but a burden to society. He continues to wreak havoc when he over-stays his welcome with Berniece. This is the typical neediness of a young black man. He came to Berniece’s house only because he needed money. His greedy, inconsiderate, and criminal past are all stereotypes black people in America face. On the contrary, men were not the only black people to be discriminated. Black women were also a target of stereotypes. Wilson saw that in order to be successful or seen as an equal blacks had to conform to the most popular race’s ideals. Any ideas outside of this were shunned. The only way to be celebrated was to become like the rest of society because blacks were stereotyped as inferior and les honorable than the main culture in
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