Choice Of Fate In Beowulf

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Fate happens to everyone and it is out of their control. Beowulf’s fate is determined by the choices and battles he is put through. God has a perfect plan for every single person’s life. He puts us through battles in our lives to make us stronger. He pushes us to rely on him more. If we just trust God, he has the best plan for our lives. We can accept or reject God’s plan. Our lives are full of choices. The choices we make determine our fate. Beowulf’s choices to fight the battles and risk his life determined his fate. Beowulf’s first battle was against Grendel. He heard about Hrothgar’s people getting slaughtered and knew he had to help. He gathered fourteen men to sail with him to Hrothgar’s land. After he arrived there, he waited for nightfall because he knew that is when Grendel would come. When Grendel came, Beowulf was ready. Beowulf fought Grendel with his bare hands. He had such a tight grip on Grendel’s arm, he actually ripped it off. Grendel escaped and dragged himself back to his lake where he rested there and later died. Hrothgar’s people were so relieved and grateful for Beowulf’s bravery. As a trophy, Beowulf hung Grendel’s arm on the wall to rejoice in their victory. Grendel’s arm was hanging there to help the people remember to be thankful for Beowulf’s bravery. It was Beowulf’s fate to fight Grendel and win this battle. This battle will prepare him for the upcoming battles in his life. The next battle, Beowulf will face will be against Grendel’s mother.

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