Chris Byers Accused In The Killings Of 3 Boys

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I. Introduction A. Hook 3 teen-agers accused of raping and murdering 3 second-grade boys B. Background Info On May 5th 1993 in West Memphis, Arkansas; the three boys pictured above were reported missing at 7pm by Mark Byers, Christopher Byers step-father. The next day, the boys’ bodies were found by a creek in a place called Robin Hood hills. The scene was horrific; the boys were found spread out, naked, and hogtied with their own shoe laces. Chris byers was found not only in the way but castrated as well. C. Thesis (answer this question concerning your case: How do journalists’ rhetorical choices and source/story selection allow biased reporting, and how does biased reporting contribute to shaping public opinion?) Journalists allow biased reporting by throwing their own opinion into the summary or …show more content…

Body Paragraph #2: analysis of the bias in your second article A. Topic Sentence (A) In the New York Times article, “3 Teen-Agers Accused in the Killings of 3 Boys”, there is a great deal of bias by word choice. B. Quote (C): “ Chris Floyd, a 16-year-old from Marion High School, said Mr. Baldwin kept to himself at school, hanging out other times with Mr. Echols and Mr. Misskelley, who were both high school dropouts.” C. Explain (E) This publisher assumes that these kids are as horrible as everyone else made them out to be, because 2 of the 3 kids who were accused of murder, so happened to be dropouts. D. Quote (C): “But others in this Mississippi River town say Mr. Misskelley and two buddies frightened them with hunts of devil worship and fascination with the occult.” E. Explain (E) This example is a great way of showing bias by word choice. The writer of this article is assuming that these 3 teens are devil worshipers because of a few hints. F. Closure Clearly, a great example of bias by word choice would be in the article the New York Times wrote with a title starting as “3 Teen-Agers Accused in the Killings of 3 Boys”. X.

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