Cinderella Or The Little Glass Sniper Rhetorical Analysis

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In “ Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper”, Charles Perrault describes how Cinderella endures the adversity from her stepmother and stepsisters as she requires to do all the housework and lives in an awful atmosphere. Despite her kindness and beauty, she is able to attend the ball with the assistance from the godmother and eventually married to the prince. From this perspective, we can realize that physical appearance is not the only way to win one’s love. In “ Little Snow-White”, Jacob and Wilhelm discuss how the queen begrudges little Snow-White’s beauty and attempts various tricks unscrupulously to kill her in order to become the most beautiful person in the world. Snow-White thereafter dies from the poisoned apple that given by the wicked queen but she wakes up when the apple comes off. However, the queen died at the end because she is unable to extricate herself. This is because good-looking plays a significance role in her mind. In this aspect, we become aware that beauty can cause us deprive our moral and ethics when we get deeper without control ourselves.…show more content…
Although some people will evaluate others based on their appearance, we should not follow their footstep since it is a superficial behavior. Furthermore, outer beauty does not equal to inner beauty that we should not use our first sight to judge others as the outcome may be the opposite. The author’s depiction of Cinderella’s pleasant personality: “The poor girl [Cinderella] bore it all patiently, and dared not tell her father, who would have scolded her; for his wife governed him entirely” (1). Perrault talks how Cinderella forbear her hardness without telling anyone. We can notice that how she does not want anyone to implicate into this event and avert anything is getting complicated. This shows how inner beauty and outer beauty can coexist at the same time if we do not lose our

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