Civil War Reconstruction Research Paper

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When the north won the civil war, the knew that there was going to be some changes being made. But that doesn’t mean they were going to be all good. There were going to be people that disagree with the union. There is going to be a really bad president that's going to makes really dumb decisions like Andrew Johnson. But the reconstruction era did not go as well as planned. Black codes were passed, people were loyal to the union, and the people who started the civil war come back into power like nothing happen. This time was not one of America's brightest moments Lincoln's 10% plan for reconstruction was a very valuable idea. When he was murdered, Johnson would only allow full pardon if the high ranked official came to him personally and ask for full pardon. Now that the people who were head of south were …show more content…

But when Johnson allowed Black codes to be passed, they weren't really free at all anymore. The rights they had compared to white men and women were not equal. Blacks could not meet after dark. Blacks were not allowed to carry any type of gun. Blacks were not allowed to marry anyone that was white. Blacks were not allowed to own or rent a house with in city limits. Blacks couldn't even enter town without their boss's permission. These black codes did not help reconstruction in anyway. The North won the war, they should get what they wished. Black men and women were not free when the 13th amendment was passed.They did not know what it would be like to be free, to live normal like every other white men and women. They didn’t know what normal was, most of they didn’t know how to read or write yet. Now they are expected to take care of themselves, your money, get jobs. How are they going to do this without a basic education. From the whites that would whip them if they were caught reading or writing? They won’t even let them into town. How is this going to work without their

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