The Radical Republican Party

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Politically, many members of the Republican Party began to be considered as Radical Republicans. (Scheiwart, Larry. Allen, Michael A Patriots History) These Radicals were more devoted to racial justice and even racial equality, due to the influence of the carpetbaggers. However, there was a different resistance against the Radical Republicans, primarily from the white Southern Democrats. In truth, secret groups such as the Ku Klux Klan "were formed to terrorize the blacks and drive the carpetbaggers out.” White Southerners hated radicalism; for this reason, they didn 't like Republican beliefs. As a result they were forced, in the direction of the Democratic Party. The black codes caused the establishment and growth of the Klu Klux …show more content…

The influence of the KKK has resulted in the widespread of violence and other organization groups such as the White Brotherhood, Men of Justice, and The Constitutional Union Guards. The reconstruction amendments only applied to the governments, not the action of the individuals. (Schewart 384) The government failed to give the freedman their land and it also disregarded to enable their self -defense. This change reflected the reconstruction of the federal, state government and its individuals significantly. The white southerners resented the black empowerment and them wanting to attain their …show more content…

There primary focus was not on building the economy, instead their reaction as a result of the Reconstruction was through violence. The Reconstruction were to form a union even though, through its many challenges it was given the 13th 14th and 15th amendment. Blacks were given their political rights. The Northerners were feeling weary, tired of defending (Scheiwert pg 402) black rights and their own reconstruction corruption. They wanted to know when the Lord would show up and release them from the burden of policing their white southern neighbors. The Reconstruction period, one of the most controversial periods in American history, During the Reconstruction majority of the blacks were defenseless given the new state constitutions were incorporated by different challenges such as prejudiced literacy tests and poll taxes. At the end of the Civil War, the South beaten and there land destroyed, the destruction was tremendous, and the old social and economic order that was established on slavery depleted completely. The Confederate states had to be reformed to their positions in the Union. The free slaves in the south had to be well-defined.

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