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About Clarksville Living in the charming Southern town of Clarksville, Tennessee means never needing to sacrifice modern amenities for a peaceful existence. Residents of the Clarksville area enjoy the ability to participate in a variety of relaxing Residents of Clarksville can enjoy a variety of recreation provided by the area 's ample natural resources. Whether hitting the fairways or kayaking the blueways, outdoor recreation knows no bounds in the Clarksville, Tennessee. Nestled along the Cumberland River, the rugged bluffs and rolling hills provide a scenic backdrop to an amazing life. The serenity offered by the area 's untapped wilderness extends nightward as starlight pours down through the branches of overhanging trees. Savor …show more content…

The town 's strong sense of community and amazing quality of life continues to drive the success of Clarksville towards a promising tomorrow. Life In Clarksville The picturesque city of Clarksville is once of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The city is an ideal place to call home. The city 's recent economic growth has elevated both the regional population, as well as the quality of life for all Clarksville residents. The city of Clarksville is nestled in the gorgeous scenic area of Middle Tennessee. Located only 40 miles from Nashville on the banks of the Cumberland River, the city of Clarksville is able to provide a home with great amenities that is close to a wide array of outdoor recreation. The livable city of Clarksville is able to offer big-city convenience and amenities in a small-town package. The charming region represents the best of small town hospitality and values. The city 's hospitable and friendly character has been a big draw to the area. The city has been nationally recognized for its livability and has been ranked among Business Week Magazine 's list of Best Place to Raise

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