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How to Order an Ice Cream at Cold Stone Creamery Cold Stone is not the basic ice cream shop that one is used to. Instead of using scoops, Cold Stone uses size portionings. Also, instead of having the ice cream already mixed with things, Cold Stone makes all of their ice cream plain, and the worker adds whatever kind of mix-ins that a customer might want on the “cold stone.” Signature Creations are also something that Cold Stone offers that other ice cream shops do not. Signature Creations are the ice creams listed on the menu board, that come with three to four mix-ins. However, Cold Stone also gives people the option of ordering a “Create Your Own.” With this option, one would simply order any kind of ice cream in a “Like it”, “Love It”, …show more content…

With Cold Stone Creamery being so unique, it is hard for many people to understand how to order correctly. I am a manager at Cold Stone, and every single time that I am working there, I have to explain to multiple people how to order correctly. One of the things at Cold Stone that seems to confuse people greatly is that Cold Stone does not do “scoops.” Cold Stone is a little more complicated than the usual ice cream shop, but that is what makes so it so much more of an experience. The flavors of the ice cream are phenomenal, and everyone should be able to go to Cold Stone without having any confusion. I believe that it is important for people to know how to order correctly at Cold Stone, because then they will not be so confused, they will not confuse the workers (so the workers will be able to get the order correct), and so the …show more content…

For example, if I was ordering a “Signature Creation” I would say, “I would like a “That’s How I Roll” in a Love It size please.” There are three sizes at Cold Stone: Like It , Love It, and Gotta Have It. The Like It amount contains five ounces of ice cream, Love It contains eight ounces of ice cream, and the Gotta Have It size contains twelve ounces of ice cream. Even if a customer does the “Create Your Own” option, they still need to choose from one of the three sizes. It is also important to note that if one is ordering a “Signature Creation,” one must say what kind of “Signature Creation” that they would like before saying the kind of size they would like that “Signature Creation” to be in. However, if one decides to go with the “Create Your Own” option, one would simply tell the Cold Stone employee what kind of flavor ice cream that they would like, then proceed to tell the Cold Stone employee which size that the ice cream should come

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