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The Cold War was a war of threats. After the end of World War II, there was a spread of two different types of government, democracy and communism. There was the Western and the Soviet spheres of influence. The difference between the governments resulted a conflict, which led to the Cold War. Threats were made to stop the spread of each other’s ideology, but one of them must be dominant for peace can be created when there is an unity of a single type of government in Europe. As a result, the spheres of influence, ideology, and military factors were the causes of war. However, the Soviets are the most responsible for the Cold War. The Cold War was caused by the West’s and Soviet spheres of influence, ideology, and military factors. In …show more content…

Although both sides of the Cold War have an increase of bombers and warheads, the West was trying to stop the spread of communism as the USSR was trying to spread communism. In Document 6, the quote from George F. Kennan’s Long Telegram explains the fear which the Soviet had of the West. The reason being is the people, who is communist, can become the democratic people. The Soviets fear the people who will become democratic and turn against the Soviet government; therefore, the result would be the people supporting the democratic ideas, and the Soviets would no longer be supported. Also in Document 1, it explains the differences of the ideology between the West and the Soviet Union. The western ideology is about free market and the individuals for personal rights, but the Soviet Union is based on an economy in which the government has the authority to determine the amount and kind of goods in the market. Therefore, the West was trying to influence their ideology on the communist, so the people can turn away on the Soviet Union. Without any people supporting the ideas of communism, the Soviet Union along with the ideas of communism will fall. However, Stalin knew the possibilities of the western ideology on the ideas of communism. As a result, they fear the West for their ideology would lead to the fall of communism, and the iron curtain was created to separate the influences of the West from the Soviet Union. Not only was the West was trying to spread their influence but also trying to improve the lives of the people. Therefore, people are willing to leave communist states to go under the influence of the democratic ideas. As a result, the West was the least responsible for the Cold War because of them trying to benefit the lives of the people for government was about the

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