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The Cold War defined the mindset of the United States citizens at the time. Giving them a perspective towards the communist regime and its people. Concerns by the American society also shaped the view towards communism, as well as new ideas spreading out in the United States communities. A series of proxy wars, nonconformity, unrest, and ideologies is what triggered the hatred of both superpowers during this period of time. Indeed, this period of history even shapes some of the ideas of people nowadays. Because of the panic of an attack by the Soviet Union, a rational fear of the spreading of communism, and the belief that totalitarian ideas opposed the ideals of freedom and democracy being outrageous concerns were raised in the American …show more content…

Both leaders of the superpowers were ready to use their most dangerous armament. In source B we can clearly see that both leaders are sitting on their respective missiles, referencing the great power that both had militarily to kill lots of people, which might have brought lots of agitation. This constant fight might have made citizens tense, as they could never know who was going to “win” the military battle. We can also see this in source B as both Khrushchev and Reagan are arm-wrestling. Probably for supremacy or the defense of their nation towards the threat. Furthermore, we can see the face of concern of President Reagan, that means that if the higher power of the nation is concerned this concerns might as well be transmitted to the citizens. We can also see him trying to push a button, this might have worried the society as it could have raised a question such as what could happen next if Reagan “pressed the button” figuratively speaking, and triggered a bigger conflict. Also, there was a vast accumulation of weapons as we can see in source B. We can see both of them with their missiles, this not being safe for the nation. Concern was evidently raised by the possible imminent …show more content…

This meant that people could be indoctrinating others in this much-hated belief for U.S civilians. This concern was rational as they would not like by any chance a society shaped by communism being a nation founded on democracy and freedom. Senator McCarthy raised concerns in communities in his speech “why we find ourselves in a position of impotency is not because our only powerful potential enemy has sent men to invade our shores...but rather because of the traitorous actions of those who have been treated so well by this Nation.” (McCarthy). This could have scared the civilians as if people living in the U.S are supporters of communism and are betraying the nation they could not feel secure in their own country. Furthermore, it would make them ask themselves how can they trust their own government if they are the ones that might be involved.“ The finest jobs in government we can give.”( McCarthy), therefore people who were really trusted and had lots of wealth and power shall not be trusted anymore.“I have here in my hands a list of 205 people” (McCarthy), that would have created a rational unrest between citizens as he is explaining that from the government 205 people have communist principles. Likewise, it is said in the document that “nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department…” (McCarthy) This being true,could have created

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