Columbus Indians Equality

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When Columbus arrived and was greeted by the Arawak with kindness and excitement, he saw them as people who could be his servants, this is when the division started, he never saw the Indians as equals, just like in our society certain groups: people of color, Indians and blacks are looked down upon, not seen as equals , deprived of certain rights and they work extra hard for the same things as their counter parts. The division of whites and blacks when the Virginias needed labor for tobacco and corn, according to Howard Zinn, “ The Virginians needed labor, to grow corn for subsistence, to grow tobacco for export… They couldn’t force the Indians to work for them as Columbus had done” (pg.25). They bought black slaves to work for them as everyone …show more content…

People of color were long decided that they were not pure. Moreover in 1661 a law was passed that stated if a white servant run away with a negro they were given special services for extra years to the master of the runaway negro, because servants white or black worked together and did not see black and white. And in 1691 there was a ban in interracial marriages, a white man or woman was not to marry a Negro, Indian and mulatoo even If they were free. All these laws described above were passed during a labor intensive time in Virginia, were black slaves worked more, were treated harshly just like the negro Emmanuel and were considered property of the master who did as he saw fit if the slave misbehaved. In the article written by Omi and Winant they describe the first step of racial formation theory as, “ A process of historically situated projects in which human bodies and social structure are presented and organized.”(Pg. 55-56) The above theory is a true translation of what I believe was happening in America during the 1600-1700, there were laws forbidding the integration of white, blacks and Indians and I believe this was done because it was easier to control black slaves, push Indians away but not force them into labor. The government at the time was constructing their own America where white would

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