Compare And Contrast Bradford And John Smith

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During the early 1600’s there were two influential men, John Smith and William Bradford, that both wrote stories on their experience in America being European, where they set off to the New World to become leaders of a colony. Smith wrote The General History of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles and Bradford wrote Of Plymouth Plantation. Smith became a leader of Jamestown, and Bradford became the governor of Plymouth. Smith and Bradford had major differences when it came to their views on Native Americans. They both want the majority same thing for their communities, but they do have some differences on how they want their community to be. Smith and Bradford were very different in their leadership roles. Smith and Bradford had many differences in their personalities and throughout their voyage to the New World. …show more content…

Smith referred Native Americans to savages, and paints negative pictures of them at their feasts, because he saw that the Native Americans killed the English newcomers that were trying to cross the Native Americans tribes to get to wherever their destination was. Smith met a young girl named Pocahontas when natives took him to Werowocomoco for the King to kill him, and Pocahontas laid herself on Smith and wrapped her arm around his head to save him from death. Pocahontas and Smith had a argument when they later met again, about him not getting in not writing her back. Smith looked down on Native Americans even though they were the reason for the colonies surviving. Bradford had many interactions with Native Americans throughout this journey. Every Native American Bradford met were very friendly to him and spoke English. Bradford viewed them and Indians rather than Native Americans, due to their kindness and respect; therefore he referred to most of them as

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