Compare And Contrast Morton And William Bradford

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Thomas Morton and William Bradford are both famous for their accounts of New England. Thomas Morton and William Bradford practiced different religions. Thomas Morton was a conservative Anglican, which meant that he believed in the Church of England. William Bradford was a Puritan, which meant that he wanted separate congregations from the Church of England. Both men based their accounts of New England off of their religious views. Thomas Morton’s account New England was different from William Bradford’s account because he thought that the Native Americans were great compared to the Puritans who lived close by. Morton speaks of the Puritans using satire in his literary work New English Canaan. He built the Maypole in spite of them because he knew that this would make them angry: “And upon Mayday they brought the Maypole to the place appointed, with drumes, gunnes, pistols and other fitting instruments…The setting up of this Maypole was a lamentable spectacle to the precise separatists, that lived at new Plimmouth” (372). Thomas Morton’s Anglican religious views counter with William Bradfords Puritan views for New England and because of Morton’s actions and beliefs, he was kicked out of New England and sent back to England to be imprisoned. …show more content…

Bradford’s religious Puritan views were very important to him and he wanted to make sure the people of New England would have a Puritan church so that they could practice their religion without interference from England because in England they were forced to be part of the Church of England. People such as Thomas Morton did not fancy to William Bradford. Morton’s Anglican ways, his dancing, drinking, and building of the Maypole made Bradford

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