Compare And Contrast Canadian Healthcare Vs American Healthcare

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Introduction At one point in time, American healthcare was considered the best in the world, while France takes the number one spot. What happened? The United States of America has a history of healthcare system that is a little different from most first world nations. Due to capitalism, this has greatly prevented us from developing a sophisticated and more caring national healthcare, the type that France (#1), United Kingdom (#18), and Canada (#30) are averagely content with. While United States of America (#37) is a free market where health care facilities are largely owned and operated by the private sector business. In other words, we are the free market. Depending on who you are (and of course how sick you are) you may be happy with this system, or you may be very despondent. While the American healthcare system is both hated and loved, we are truly unique in the way we treat sick patients. In this paper, there are many options to compare the United States of America to various amounts of healthcare systems around the world, this paper will be concentrating on our neighbors to the …show more content…

The short history of Canadian Healthcare system is a jarring one. Universal Coverage for all citizens began in 1947 and in 1957, doctors, insurance companies and big businesses fought against it. Same situation happened in 1960, in which The Canadian Medical Association opposed all publicly funded healthcare. It wasn’t until 1984 that the Canadian Health Act was introduced Trudeau’s health minister, Monique Begin. The bill was passed unanimously by parliament. Some of the things that were banned were extra billing, the act also allowed the federal government to deduct one dollar from federal transfers to any province for every dollar of direct patient charges in that province, and ultimately ended user-fees for insured physicians and hospital

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