Compare And Contrast Essay On The Great Gatsby

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When I read the last part of The Great Gatsby, I was totally touched by Gatsby’s sacrifice for Daisy. When Wilson’s wife Myrtle tragic accident happened, Gatsby tries to hide the truth which is Daisy driving that car instantly killed Myrtle. Gatsby tell Nick what had happened during that situation. “Well, I tried to swing the wheel- he broke off, and suddenly” (Fitzgerald, 152). In order to protect Daisy, Gatsby even does not want to tell his old sport Nick. However, he also does not want Nick hate him caused lose Nick. In my opinion, from Myrtle accident happened to Gatsby protect Daisy, its climax of the novel. Gatsby is still trying to catch his dream even sacrifice himself to approach Daisy, if the media knows is Gatsby driving that car it will cause …show more content…

Although Gatsby achieved a part of his dream in somehow, but wealth is not his goal. Wealth is his protective layer that a tool to approach Daisy. They both live in the American Dream, however, one achieved and the other is not, I have been thinking what kind of qualities can make dream come true? Compare with Gatsby and Forrest Gump, we can find the answer. From the point of view of their own, it’s a big difference. When Forrest Gump was born, he was diagnosed with IQ 75 and leg disability so his mom asks him to wear the magic shoes, it will take him anywhere. Gatsby claims that he is the son of God and he has the talent to control the world. There is a proverb: When God closes a door, you have to believe that it will give you open a window. Although Forrest’s IQ is only 75, 5 points to normal levels. His mom didn’t give up him, he didn’t give up himself. In a lucky day, Forrest run very fast, even broke his braces on his leg. Which means he will not be disabled anymore and he is good at running. Owing to his fast, that lead him to go to college and become a champignon of football. They both have their own talent to bring them to success. From the

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