The Great Gatsby Analysis Essay

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Benjamin Banneker Academy Atiba Mckellar/ English Independent Reading Analysis Assignment – Fiction Plot Analysis – 50 Points 1. What is the plot of the story? Briefly discuss the beginning, middle, and end of the story. (10) The story begins with a long summation of things and evets that nick shares about his father and how his judgement of people will be. Also, that Gatsby would be the only one excepted from his judgement. He visits his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom as soon as he reaches to the made-up town of East Egg. After a day of hanging with his family he comes home to Gatsby looking weirdly in to the sound. Moving on we see Tom inviting Nick to see his mistress who also has a husband, subsequently after a long time of drinking and arguing over their relationship status tom …show more content…

While at the party nick meets Jordan; who was also at Daisy’s home when he went to visit. He also meets Gatsby himself something Nick had been longing to do. At the end of the party that was held Gatsby takes Jordan to talk alone. As time passes Gatsby befriends Nick and one day shows lets him meet this man who is involved with crime and Gatsby’s association with this man shows he is also involved with crime. Moreover, Jordan and nick have been frequenting each other’s presence and over tea the dialogue alluded to in the end of the party is released to be Gatsby being in love with daisy nicks cousin. Jordan continues by explaining that they met sometime in the war ad Gatsby’s has used his fortune to try and woo her with his parties and purchasing the house directly across from her. This leads into Gatsby feeling like it is time to meet daisy and using nick as a mean to get her to see him (him being Gatsby). after admitting their love for each other amongst other actions they find themselves in a heated argument with all five characters involved

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