The Great Gatsby Dialectical Journal

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1. I think Nick means that everyone in The Great Gatsby somehow falls into falls into one of those categories. He says that they are either pursued, pursuing, busy, or tired. In the pursued class Gatsby and Jordan are involved because they are both being chased by something from their past. Gatsby is very secretive and no one is sure about what has happened in his past, it is easy to think that he is running from something or someone. Furthermore, Jordan is also suspected of being chased by something, her lies. Her life is basically all a lie and she is tangled up in a web of lies, trying to keep up with everyone else and make a name for herself. Gatsby is also pursuing and so is Nick. Gatsby is pursuing Daisy because he loves her and wants her to love him back. His whole life is dedicated to making himself known to Daisy. Nick is chasing after Jordan and Gatsby, however. He thinks he is interested in Jordan, and wants to get to know her better, until he finds out that she is a liar and he cannot trust her. Nick is also looking into Gatsby’s life because he is interested about his …show more content…

I think I resemble several characters in this novel. However, the one I think I am most like is Gatsby. Sometimes I feel like I am just in a room full of people, but no one can see me and I am just there because everyone else is. I definitely am like Gatsby when it comes to love and relationships. I sense that I am extremely shy when it comes to showing how I feel. Gatsby did everything he could to get Daisy’s attention and it still took an immense amount of time for her to finally show her true emotions. I can experience Gatsby’s pain when he did everything for Daisy, even died for her, and she did not seem to care at all. Sometimes in my life I think I do everything for everyone else, and never really for myself. I feel used and abandoned by my friends sometimes because I don’t know if they were truly my friend, or just wanted the things I had at the time, like Gatsby’s

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