Compare And Contrast Fahrenheit 451 Book And Movie

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In May 10, 1993, before the rise of Hitler, Heinrich Heine had said, “"Wherever books are burned, human beings are destined to be burned too." Nazis were taking over Germany during the 1920s. In the movie version “Fahrenheit 451”, many comparisons were made to the Nazis during World War II. Ray Bradbury, the author of “Fahrenheit 451”, wrote the book in 1953, eight years after the Nazis rose down from power. Ray Bradbury based the novel on a dystopian society, where the people are miserable, and books are no longer allowed to be read by society. Many differences were shown in the movie version of Fahrenheit 451 to prove how the movie was meant to strengthen the allusions to Nazis during World War II.
First, the movie strengthens the connection
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