Joseph And Gilgamesh Compare And Contrast

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This is the story of two great men in two different eras. Joseph, a biblical man with great power and authority sold from the land of Canaan to the land of Egypt. The other, a man named Gilgamesh, a strong and handsome man from an epic story of the Ancient Babylonian time. These men were very different but, at some point very powerful times in their lives and then also had some challenging times. Gilgamesh starts off with a powerful live and then goes through some turbulence and Joseph start out with turbulence and becomes powerful. Joseph was bullied or disliked by his brothers, while Gilgamesh was the bully and had people afraid of him. This story will tell the comparisons and differences in their life’s journeys.
Joseph and Gilgamesh were different because, Joseph was born into a family where his father, Jacob had two wives and two mistresses or servants, all of whom had children with him. Jacob’s wife Rachel thought that she was not …show more content…

Gilgamesh was born a king, but Joseph had dreams of someday being a leader and having people bow at his feet. When Joseph told these dreams to his father and brothers this made them hate him all the more. After Joseph was sold his master saw the he was loyal and trust worthy so Joseph was put in charge of the house. The master’s wife tried to seduce Joseph, and when he did not sleep with her she lied and said that he seduced her. He was locked up or knocked down from his high status just as Enkidu was bought in to bring Gilgamesh down from his high cocky status. Joseph had dreams that he could not make sense of so he told them to his father and brothers, and Gilgamesh also had dreams that he could not make sense of as well that he told to his mother. She was able to tell him what his dreams meant. Later in life, while locked up Joseph was able to tell to prisoners what their dreams meant as

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