Compare And Contrast Harlem And The Great Gatsby

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The american dream is an ideal of everyone to achieve the hope of having a better life and making great amounts of money but in that sense they aren’t realizing what things they are leaving back and how much they’ll have to sacrifice or loose to gain that thought of American dream. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and “ Harlem” by Langston Hughes both shows how the american dream gives hope but the pursuit of hope demolishes. Which is illustrated by the characters showing the corruption of wealth and their moral values. Gatsby the most wealthiest and meticulous person from West Egg which represents new money a society parades its cash through obvious utilization and luxurious drinking and partying but his american dream was only Daisy …show more content…

The Long Island known as The Valley of Ashes also represent the border line between the West Egg (Gatsby's lavishing mansion) and East Egg (Gatsby’s “love” Daisy). Many people’s american dream in the Valley of Ashes was to move to another place and have a better life, like George “I’ve been here too long. I want to get away. My wife and I want to go West” (Fitzgerald, 123). All George wants is someone who loves him even though he is not rich and a successful career to meet their needs. To give his wife a better life so he decide to move West but that night when Daisy and Gatsby are going home, Daisy accidentally runs over Myrtle, driving Gatsby’s yellow car. When the police came Gatsby took the blame on himself to protect Daisy because he has dedicated his life to winning Daisy’s heart while she hides behind Gatsby. Daisy caused the car accident but just as old money she hides its corruption behind a veneer of good manners. Gatsby is so engrossed in Daisy that he only cares about her and he completely overlooks Myrtle’s death. Myrtle’s death is an representation of how one executes others american dreams to achieve their …show more content…

Or fester like a sore-and then run?” (Hughes). Which implies that a dream conceded may get undermined meaning to become tainted and stray absent from its original way. Living in the 1920s the year of the Jazz Daisy is corrupted with the reality that she required wealth to accomplish her materialistic dreams as Gatsby says “Her voice is full of money” (Fitzgerald, 120). This straightforward line clearly appears how tied the thought of wealth to Daisy in his mind. In the event that there is any genuine love between the two, it had been protected by Gatsby’s desire for money and possessions and Daisy gets to be another object to him at times. Like the green light, Daisy herself is typical to Gatsby of all that he can have. As read earlier that Daisy is a very manipulative person who is stressed about keeping both Gatsby her lover and Tom Buchanan her egoistic husband “Maybe it just sags like a heavy load” (Hughes). Daisy appears her manipulative side when she is in the same room as Tom and Gatsby and denies to select a side of who she loves. She is mindful of both of their fondness towards her however, she plays diversions by not choosing a coordinate side by permitting Gatsby to accept she needs to be with him not telling Tom her sentiments for

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