Compare And Contrast Ida B Wells And Jane Addams

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Ida B. Well and Jane Addams- Two powerful women who made significant contributions to American history were Jane Addams and Ida B. Wells. Despite the fact that they both fought for social justice and contributed to a better society, their strategies and areas of concentration varied. Journalist, suffragist, and civil rights activist Ida B. Wells devoted her life to battling racism and promoting the rights of Black Americans. Wells is most well know for her journalism exposing the brutalities of lynching, “Her essay condemning the lynching of three black men in Memphis led a mob to destroy her newspaper, the Memphis Free Press, while she was out of the city. Wells remained in the North, where she became the nation’s leading antilynching crusader.” (Foner pg.63) On the other hand, Social activist and reformer Jane Addams worked to make working-class people's lives better, especially women and immigrants. Jane stated “Progress is not automatic," "The world grows better because people wish that it should and take the right steps to make it better.” (week 3 reading) Both were …show more content…

Carnegie was “One of the richest men in Gilded Age America, he promoted what he called the Gospel of Wealth, the idea that those who accumulated money had an obligation to use it to promote the advancement of society.”(Foner pg.32) This is exactly how he used his wealth to help the less fortunate. Although the Gilded age was good, there were a lot of negatives. There was a tremendous amount of “economic inequality because the state did not regulate the growth of business.”(week 2, day 2) As a result, wealthy industrialists like Carnegie were able to buy and pay for a large number of politicians and officials. Andrew Carnegie's successes are reflected by the Gilded Age, even with the exception that the Gilded age was full of social and economic inequality and

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