Jane Addams Influence On Women

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“Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon, and left one unexpended effort that might have saved the world,” explained Jane Addams (“Jane Addams”). Jane Addams never gave up in her efforts to truly change the world. She was a powerful woman during a time when women in power was not accepted. She was a true activist for the cause of women’s rights and the reform of what is “acceptable” in America. Jane Addams once said: “I do not believe that women are better than men. We have not wrecked railroads, nor corrupted legislatures, nor done many unholy things that men have done; but then we must remember that we have not had the chance.” Jane Addams was an amazing woman; she advocated the cause through powerful words and…show more content…
The morals and actions they see as a child affect the morals and actions they withhold and conduct as an adult. Jane had a very strong individual as a father. “He taught her tolerance, philanthropy, and a strong work ethic. He encouraged her to pursue higher education, but not at the expense of losing her femininity and the prospect of marriage and motherhood -- the expectation for all upper-class young ladies at that time” (“Jane Addams.” Women). In the 1800s a girl’s father encouraging her to pursue an education was not the “norm”; however, Jane Addams was never a the stereotypical “lady” during her lifetime. Her father wanted her to be educated, but he still wanted her to be a “lady”. At this point in time a woman could not be ladylike and educated at the same time; a girl is one or the other, never both. Jane told her parents she wished to pursue a career in medicine, they did not respond well; she would be in school for longer than they expected (“Jane Addams.” Women). They wondered if she’d ever get married; Jane never worried about marriage or having children, for she wanted more out of life. (“Jane Addams.” Women). I believe this determination to become educated spiked Addams’ presence in the women's rights movement. She knew there was more to life than marriage and children. She knew there was a cause worth fighting for, now she just had to…show more content…
during Jane’s lifetime. Jane was an activist for women’s rights, but she was also very famous in the field of social work. “Addams had launched her reform career by opening, in 1889, the second, and by far the most famous, social settlement house in the United States Addams's settlement served as a meeting place for political activists, workers, students, immigrants, women's groups, unionists, artists and reformers, children and teenagers” (“Jane Addams, Progressivism”). Jane’s settlement was known as the Hull House, and she is well-remembered for this act. Addams’ became more influential in the women’s rights movement after the establishment of her Hull House. Her first public address on women’s suffrage took place at the Chicago Political Equality League in 1897 (Flanagan). A public address on such a controversial topic could have resulted in a drastic downfall to her settlement; nevertheless, Addams went public with her opinion. The Chicago Political Equality League was founded 3 years prior to Jane’s address by the The Chicago Woman's Club; ¨It also held study classes and public meetings that debated every aspect of women's political, legal, and economic status¨ (Flanagan). Jane´s speech addressed her thoughts on the equality of men and women: “I do not believe that women are better than men. We have not wrecked railroads, nor corrupted legislatures, nor done many unholy things that men have done;
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