Second Great Awakening Essay

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The Second Great Awakening was extremely influential in shifting the minds towards reform in people across America. The mentality of the people at this time was closed minded and had acceoted their way of living. Among other factors, Charles Finney played and important role in the success of the Second Great Awakening. “Much of the impulse towards reform was rooted in the revivals of the broad religious movement that swept the Untied States after 1790.” Revivals during the Second Great Awakening awakened the faith of people during the 1790s with emotional preaching and strategic actions from Charles Finney and many other influential preachers, which later helped influence the reforms of the mid-1800s throughout America. The Second Great Awakening …show more content…

During the mid-1800s the roles of women were considered to only be taking care of the children and the home. Only 1 in 5 women worked for wages in the workplace. Two women who fought actively for Women’s Rights were Sarah and Angelina Grimke. Angelina published An Appeal to Christian Women of the South, which told women “to overthrow this horrible system of oppression and cruelty”. Few men supported the women’s efforts for equal rights but they still continued to fight by holding national conventions. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott meet at a National Anti-Slavery Convention, which influenced them to hold a Women’s Rights Convention. In 1848 they held a national women’s rights convention, known as the Seneca Falls Convention. At the convention Elizabeth Cady Stanton created the “Declaration of Sentiments”. Proposed in the Declaration was “that all men and women are created equal”. Over 300 men and women gathered at Seneca Falls for the convention and unanimously voted for women to have the right to have equal rights as men. The Seneca Falls Convention was greatly influenced by the Abolitionist Reformation and the Second Great Awakening and truly helped women gain equal rights and prove they are just important as men. Today, women have gained many rights including the right to vote. If it weren’t for the Second Great Awakening women would probably not have most of the rights that they have

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