Susan B Anthony Biography

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Born in 1820, Susan B. Anthony experienced a time with various social changes causing by the Industrial Revolution and the urbanization in the United States. From 1830 to 1850, a wave of revolutionary fervor throughout the European and the United States, giving rise to many liberals who wanted to create a new order.1 Growing up in a politically active family, Susan calculated advanced ideas and consciousness about the needs for women to be personally and economically independent. Susan B. Anthony is a pioneer reformer in the abolition of the slavery, the emancipation of women as well as their acquisition of the right to vote. She dedicated most of her life to strive for the equal right of women, in which she organized meetings and gave speeches …show more content…

Anthony, a rising leader in the woman's suffrage movement, made outstanding contributions for women to gain the right to vote. Susan was a leading force in merging the Woman's Right Society and the Anti-Slavery Society into one organization named American Equal Rights Association. Susan could hardly gain these achievements without her important partner, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who encouraged her to reside the meeting and collaborated with her on various movements for many years. The first meeting that could be regarded as the warm-up of the woman's suffrage movement was held in the home of Stanton, whose enthusiasm and leadership had a significant impact on Susan. Susan remained unmarried during her lifetime and devoted much of her time to the cause of woman’s rights. Marriage, in her view, would divert her energy from her true …show more content…

Anthony was a pioneer reformer for the woman suffrage movement in the United States, whose efforts paved the way for the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, endowing women the right to vote. As an advocate of African American rights, temperance, the rights of labor, Susan devoted her life to leading the women suffrage movement. The enormous contrast between the status of women in the beginning of her efforts and their status when she died is the symbol of her successful achievements as a pioneer woman. Few men can devote his or her life in focusing on one career as much as Susan did. The fifty-year to pursue the course of women enabled her portrait to be printed on the one dollar coins, making her to be the first women who gained such honor. It can be included that her name will be remembered as long as Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution exists. Her indomitable spirit displaying in her favorite wisdom “Failure is impossible” laid the foundation of the influence of her spiritual strength on the later

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