Compare And Contrast John Proctor In The Crucible

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In the Crucible by Arthur Miller which protagonist is John Proctor, his desire to do what is right because of fhis reputation, his name of the town was synonymous with integrity and pride, all he wanted was respect. Notwithstanding, Elizabeth gave him his respect he deserved after his death, and Mary Tyrone, the protagonist of Long Day’s Journey into Night by Eugene O’Neill does not want people to know that she’s addicted to morphine after Edmund’s birth. She’s the main focus of the play because each act ends with her and her causes everything to happen due to the fact that she’s the only character in the play who’s looking for her motivation back that she has lost over the years before she met Tyrone. Unfortunately, she’s unable to find her …show more content…

The protagonist John Proctor is a protagonist who spoke his own mind. He respected himself and he denies hypocrisy. At the end of the play, John Proctor has a final speech about his acceptance of himself, he refused to sign a false confession because he remembers his affair with Abigail. He had the honor to speak up his mind and not been defeated by the witch trials. The speech that John Proctor gave at the end of the plays shows the nature dilemmas involved in the trials. The idea is emphasized when Proctor states, “I speak my own sins; I cannot judge another” (Miller 131). Looking closely at this quote one can observe how John Proctor took the responsibility for his affair with Abigail and make his own choice. Similarly, in the play, Long Day’s Journey into Night, Mary Tyrone final speech at the end of the play was to speak up her mind and made her decision to become a nun. This conveyed at the end of the play when Mary Tyrone is speaking to Mother Elizabeth. She illustrates her loss of motivation and her past when she says, “I told her I wanted to be a nun. Yes, I remember. I fell in love with James Tyrone and was so happy for a time” (O’Neil 178). This quote proves that she would do anything to please Mother Elizabeth. In contrast, John will not do anything to please

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