Compare And Contrast Leslie White And Alvin Toffler

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The world is ever changing through technological advances, innovative ideas and a need to further advance our society. Innovation has become an essential part of society. Individual viewpoints have been provided to understand concepts leading to improvement however the most prevailing viewpoints being that of Gerhard Lenski, Leslie White, and Alvin Toffler. To get a predominant cognizance of these thoughts, it is fundamental to take a look at and get these three viewpoints and the crucial part they play in depicting the improvement for development.

Gerhard Lenski specified that technological progress is the motivation behind civilization evolving throughout history. His concepts of the four stages of communication are interesting as they start with biological communication through verbal language, writing and the use of symbols, which he uses this as his perception of the beginning of civilized society.
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His five stages of development range from the muscular power of the individual man, which he claims is the initial energy source; followed by harnessing of energy from domesticated animals, the agricultural revolution, which provided sustainable food sources and reserves. Stage three continues with the Industrial Revolution and finally, the harnessing of Nuclear Power. White believes controlling energy is the motivating force behind human development.

Alvin Toffler’s perspective of innovation claims that society is moving too fast in the short period of time. He believes in three stages of development; the agrarian, industrial and postindustrial stages. Toffler maintains that we as a society are experiencing “future shock” through the vast amount of innovation and advancement through the recent years. As in years past we as a society had moved at a snail’s pace, recent times we are moving exponentially faster and living a life of stress and

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