Compare And Contrast Loving Vs Virginia

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Anai E Aguilar
Ms Richards
Law and Gov
2 June 2023
Final Essay
An African American and An American woman’s marriage today seems to be normal. The law and society normalized this marriage but in 1985 it was illegal. Loving v Virginia was a huge case on interracial marriage. In 1985, a couple was arrested and when given the chance to leave they decided to get married in washington dc, where it was legal. The wife decided she should fight for her rights to be married in her home state and sought help of an activist Kennedy. After many years, the court decided that the Virginia law violated the 14th amendment because they did not allow the lovings, and many interracial couples to be together. It was then decided that all people had the right to marry and love whomever they want. While many Supreme Court cases have had important lasting impacts in the United States , the Loving V Virginia court case was the most impactful landmark supreme court case because the supreme court made all anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional. , The loving case was used in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized gay marriage across the United States, and It influenced the civil rights movement.
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As stated in “Loving v. Virginia and its Local Impacts in Texas”, “There is no doubt Loving v.Virginia, 388 US 1, was a significant case for African American civil rights and the United States as a whole.” Loving v. Virginia helped alter views on interracial marriages all over the country, especially in all communities. This led the civil rights movement to prove their reasoning for protests and awoke the country.“The African American Civil Rights movement reacted positively towards the changes Loving v. Virginia would bring upon its success, as seen from the hopefulness in newspapers run by African

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