How Did The Stonewall Riots A Catalyst For The LGBT Rights Movement?

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The riots at the Stonewall Inn served as a catalyst for the LGBT rights movement. This movement then went on to make strides in the acceptance and equality of the LGBT community. After Stonewall, people came to the realization that it was successful because they were loud and unyielding about what they wanted (Dudley 243). As a result, the LGBT community began planning events such as marches and pride parades to communicate their goals, and these demonstrations eventually evolved into the LGBT rights movement. From the Stonewall riots to present day there have been many achievements made by LGBT community, one of these achievements being equality. One of the most prominent instances of equality the LGBT rights movement made possible was marriage …show more content…

Before the Stonewall riots, there was outrageous injustices and targeted persecution directed at the LGBT community. These tensions between the oppressors and the oppressed eventually reached breaking point when policemen stormed the Stonewall Inn and arrested the staff and patrons, causing riots to ensue. The immediate effect of the riots was a swell in LGBT pride and visibility. The long-term effect of the Stonewall riots was that it began the LGBT rights movement, which then allowed for the equality and wide-spread acceptance of homosexuality. While the Stonewall riots and LGBT rights movement secured many rights for the community, people cannot be content with just that. If people become lax towards the idealism of equality and justice for the LGBT community, all progress will stop and it could even be reversed. The Stonewall riots were one event that triggered a massive movement that changed America forever, and it could take one more event to either further or dismantle all of the breakthroughs it has lead to. Even one act of protest or dissent can lead to big change, and the riots at the Stonewall Inn exemplify …show more content…

The book included eight pages of information about the Stonewall riots and the subsequent events. This book is a credible source because it has a publisher, and that publisher specifically focuses on writing about social issues for teenage audiences. It is also credible because the book is written in an impartial standpoint. This means the book does not have bias, so the author would not skew the facts to prove a stance. The book was useful because it discussed the prejudices against LGBT people in the time before the Stonewall riots. It also provided information about the Stonewall riots, and the results of the riots. This information was used to write the first two topics of the research paper. This source was useful on providing satisfactory initial information about the Stonewall

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