Stonewall Riots Research Paper

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The Stonewall Riots are a perfect example of a group of people being stigmatized and persecuted for being outside of what's considered normal. It is an iconic example of discrimination and persecution of the LGBT community in America. Not many establishments welcomed openly gay people in the 1960’s. The businesses that did accept them tended to be gay bars. One place in particular that did so was The Stonewall Inn in New York City. The Manhattan bar, accepted all types of people who were not revered highly in society at the time. The Government back then did not have legislation that supported the LGBT community. “Homosexual acts” were decriminalized in all states but one, and those convicted faced fines or jail time. In the 1950’s and 60’s …show more content…

for some time, the bar successfully evaded prosecution by paying police sums of money every week to not press charges. It was not a very sanitary or safe establishment, but it was the only gay bar in New York City to allow dancing. The clientele was diverse; a mix of races, ages, and economic status. When a bar was raided, police confiscated liquor, and arrested employees, customers, and management. The lights would be turned on and patrons were lined up and their identification was checked. Those dressed in drag were often arrested on the spot. On June 28th 1969, the Inn was raided by police, but it did not go as they indented. People refused to show police their ID, and they decided to take those in drag to the police station. While waiting for police vehicles to move those individuals to the station, people kicked out of the bar and bystanders began to congregate outside of the Inn. Some 150 people had gathered and tensions had risen. They began throwing bottles at officers and the crowd developed a mob mentality that required riot police. The demonstration and retaliation that followed resulted in being one of the most important events in the gay liberation movement and progress of LGBT rights in America. The protest lasted days after the raid, and resuted in local residents starting activist groups and places being made for gays and lesbians to be confident and safe in their

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