Stonewall Rebellion Research Paper

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“A group of people decided they’d had enough. They took a stand and in doing so began the New York Gay Activist movement. Which eventually spread to other parts of the country…. I very much doubt they know the impact of their decision to stand firm that day in 1969, but it’s because of those people that gay rights exist in this country today,” Lynley Wayne, LGBT Writer. Everyday people are trying to stand up for themselves. Dating back to 1969 Stonewall Rebellion and even further to the 1692 Salem Witch trials. These events have the same thing in common, someone one would hunt others down, it was considered a crime, and someone thought others caused it. On June 27th 1969 the Stonewall Rebellion was raided by the police. Just like the witch trials certain people were under observation. People would get question randomly and sometimes got accused for being gay just because they went to a certain bar. Prior to the hanging innocent women would be accused of doing witchcraft or worshiping the devil but they really didn’t. People would hunt down these women like the police would with gays. Not only did the police track gays down but scientist would …show more content…

Like being gay, being a witch was considered a major crime. People thought that if you were a witch you were unholy and you needed to be saved by Christ. People still had the same sort of problem in the rebellion. The stonewall and the Human Rights Society for human rights was shut down by the police. In salem if you did not confess to being a witch you were shut down also by execution. In conclusion people throughout history people certain people have been accused of things for no reason, other than that they are different. It all depends on what people do about it when that does happen. People stood up for themselves even if they were being chased down, if they were accused of “infecting” others, and if it was a crime. This just proves that we as people can take a

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