Colonial America Essay

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Living in Colonial America is very different than any other part in the world, especially when they didn’t know what’s around them. Colonial America was very hard for the new pilgrims. Not only is it hard when they didn’t have houses set up, but also life was made harder during the winter when it was freezing outside. After they set up different town's life began to become a little easier. In the town of Salem, the Witch trials popped up around 1692 and made life hard again. Even though times were hard in Colonial America the Salem witch trials made it harder because of the danger it caused in the town of Salem. However, Colonial America is not as easy as life is today. Most of the day in Colonial America was workdays. There was not grocery store …show more content…

The Salem Witch trials popped up around 1692 and they were a disaster. The reason why they came up was because of their religion. The people in the town of Salem were puritans. This means their religion was very strict and that they believed in the devil. The way this all started was that the people who were accused of being witches were acting funny. Studies that were tested later said the reason why was because of something they ate. The people of the town were worried about these people because of rumors that were about these people. As the author says in the article, “One night, while trying to see the faces of their future husbands in an egg white dropped in a glass of water, one girl believed she saw the shape of a coffin” (Zeglin). Because the people thought they were seeing into the future, they had to be witches. They got accused and the girls said yes to being witches, but the said they wouldn’t do it again. They also blamed tons more of people to make this a big huge event. This caused around twenty-five deaths and all of it was for no good reasons as the state of Massachusetts later claimed that it was a

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