Role Did Abigail And John Proctor Play In The Crucible

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In a town called salem there was a huge rumor going around. That rumor was that people were doing witchcraft. Many innocent people were being blamed for the action of doing witchcraft that had nothing to do with it. These people were being hung for doing absolutely nothing but telling the truth. In times like this their are many grudges and personal rivalries going on. It is in times like this that you find out who your true friends and enemies are. You find out who your loved ones are and who is not one of your loves ones. If you did not have a good reputation more than likely you would of been blamed for witchcraft. Not only were grudges made during the witch trials, but they were made before the witch trials. Before any of the witchcraft …show more content…

Well for the two grudges of Abigail and Elizabeth, and John Proctor and Abigail, the grudge played an important role in the witch trials. The grudge from Abigail and Elizabeth was not very pleasant for Elizabeth. Abigail had blamed Elizabeth for witchcraft, witch meant that if you were blamed you were more than likely killed. Well Elizabeth was never killed, but she was to stay in prison for a whole year until she had her baby. The grudge of between Abigail and John proctor was not a very good one. Because Abigail had blamed Elizabeth for witchcraft, John Proctor had become very furious with Abigail and the way she was pretending and blaming innocent people for witchcraft.
John went into the court and tried hard to fight to protect his wife Elizabeth. He had even admitted to having loved Abigail befor, giving away his own dignity. He spoke the truth and was doing really well in court until another grudge had made everything go wrong. This was the grudge that was created back at his farm between he and Mary Warren. It was made by John always yelling and threatening to hit Mary Warren because she was sneaking of and going to the court trials when she was not supposed to. John made the mistake of threatening to hit her if she didn't quit acting like a fool And lying to the …show more content…

Every single person that was blamed for witchcraft had to go through judge Danforth, who accused them of it. There were also many grudges held by people accusing other people just because they wanted land or didn't like someone. One example of this is when a man was accused so that the neighbor could get the land. The person that did this was Thomas Putnam. He had his daughter go to the judge and tell him that their neighbor has been doing witchcraft, even when he was not, so they could get his land. That man was blamed not for being a bad person, but for being a good person and never doing anything

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