Salem Witch Trials Dbq Research Paper

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Do you want to be hanged because you are practicing witchcraft? The Salem Witch Trial Hysteria happened in the year of 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. The story is that the people of Salem, Massachusetts were Puritans. The Puritans thought that they were going to be like a “city upon a hill” which meant they thought that they were going to make it look like they were more perfect than everyone else and they were closer to God. They made it like this because they believed that every word in the Bible was the true word of God and was to be followed to the exact letter of every word. But do you want to know what caused the Salem Witch Trials hysteria? There was three causes of the salem witch trials hysteria. These were, the people of Salem, Massachusetts were practicing witchcraft, the devil was possesing people, and there were people in Salem, Massachusetts …show more content…

One valuable piece of evidence that supports this cause is, document F where it explains when a person that was accused of practicing witchcraft was being examined and when the person that was possesing other people done something, the people that they had possesed was affected also. A second piece of supporting evidence is document G where it talks about afflicted children and “their associates” which is talking about the people that possesed them. This evidence helps explain the hysteria and the hangings because of the fact that they think that the accused people are possesing innocent people that live in Salem, Massachusetts and ruining their life and they are worried that if they don’t kill the person who started the possesing, they might posses too many people. The way that this evidence helps explain the hangings is the only way that you can keep a person from possesing anymore people is to kill them and make their spirits leave their body and the bodies of the people that they had

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