Compare And Contrast Machiavelli And Martin Luther King Jr

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How can we tell the true essence of a man? Why is it that we focus on the outward image of a person so much that we blind our eyes from the true spirit of the individual within? Unintentionally, we separate people based off the judgements we preconceive and conclusively bypass the full essence of a person There once were two extremely intellectual men who enlightened the world with their own unique optimism and opinions. Niccolo Machiavelli and Martin Luther King Jr. set off sporadic flames of change within their individual eras that ignited revolution and constant metamorphosis amongst society. Although Machiavelli had a more deterred conception when it came to certain ideologies and moral principles, it as because of honesty that people began to broaden their viewpoints of life and welcome new ways of thinking, …show more content…

On the other hand, Martin Luther King Jr., having been born into a time of perspicuous inequality and ongoing segregation, served as a roaring voice to the masses of people undergoing oppression because of the people who were set in their ideals and who didn’t open their minds to a different way of thinking. In Machiavelli’s “The Prince” and Martin Luther king Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, the dissimilar beliefs both men possessed and the unforeseen connection between the ideologies of Machiavelli and the essence of Martin Luther King Jr. enables us to acquire a deeper understanding of whom the astounding Machiavellian man Martin Luther King jr. embodied .

The distinction between the beliefs of both Machiavelli and Martin Luther King jr. were considerably visible. Machiavelli noted that men in powerful leadership positions have different ways of achieving success and glory and that in attaining it it is necessary “ to get there by various methods; one with caution, another with haste; one by force, another by skill; one by patience, another by its

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