Compare And Contrast Pizan And Machiavelli The Prince

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What exactly is a good leader and how should they be? In the readings, by Christine de Pizan The Treasure of the City of Ladies and another by Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince. They both talk about how a prince and a princess should act upon their people. For Pizan she talks about how a princess should be kind hearted and accepting towards her people. She should act like this sho that they will help her whenever she is need. Then for Machiavelli he talks about how a prince should show no fear instead for him to show that he is the one with power. That a prince's people should fear him. Both authors go on to talk on how their people react based on the prince and princesse act. The authors then go on to explain how they should view and run their people. Both authors also reflect the fact that the way their people are going to act towards them is mainly based off of how they treat them. The authors go into how gender plays a big role on how they should act upon their people and how their people should accept them. There are many factors that go towards one being a good leader or a bad leader. That is what exactly the authors Pizan and Machiavelli explained in their readings. In Pizan reading she believes that a good princess has …show more content…

Both genders are demand to act different because of their titles. Like for a princess she needs to be kind and loving of others. While for a prince he needs to show that he controls them and for them to for him. Even though they are very different I believe that a good leader should have a mixture of both. One can always just be a strong leader because the people will end up not listening to them. Them a leader should always be kind hearted because the pole will end up taking advantage of them. So a good leader needs to strong and thoughtful of their people. That is what I believe would make a good leader but it will all depend on their

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