Compare And Contrast The Leadership Of Pontiac

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What do we think of a leader as? Strong.Brave. Fierce. People’s choice. In our present day, we have leaders who are corrupt,selfish and sometimes are not even brave. Leadership is something not small, but a huge responsibility that should be taken with great respect. Even with our advanced technology, we don’t have strong leaders as we did in the old days. On of the prominent figures in the Indian Tribe was Pontiac, the Odawa chief. He was an asset to many Indian tribes and has a long lasting legacy. Pontiac was well known leader knows for his commanding manner, strategic planning, and his exceptional ability to unify other tribes. Pontiac had a voice of a leader who could accomplish anything by just his words. His words had so much power …show more content…

Many leaders use violence nowadays, and don't think in a tranquil state.On the other hand, Pontiac just used his words. He had this unique ability to persuade people without causing any harm. During that time period, Indian unity was a conflict amongst many tribes and was never really solution to it. Pontiac approached and played with the problem in a very intelligent way. For instance, Pontiac was a persuasive orator, however, and worked to persuade neighboring tribes of the necessity for alliance. At a meeting of tribal leaders in April 1763, he outlined his strategy for striking at Detroit, the main English fort, while other tribes would fan out and assail lesser posts. His argument was strengthened by a shaman known as the Delaware Prophet, who called for a religious and cultural renewal to drive white influence out of Native American lands.” (Fredriksen, 1) We are able to understand Pontiac understood that problem would be very difficult and knew that everyone was a foe to each other. In the quote above, we are able to concluded Pontiac resolved the problem by uniting everyone under one common thing; culture. More or less, many tribes followed the same culture and had the same beliefs. He united them under the shaman known as Delaware prophet. Shaman is a person known as having access and influence in the world good and evil spirits. He was able to make the tribes believe shaman told them to unite and exterminate the English out of their homelands. In other words, this could been labeled as Pontiac’s Conspiracy by non-indians or it can also be known as the Pontiac’s Rebellion by Indians. (U-S-history, 1) In other words, it is a developed conspiracy because Pontiac created an imaginary concept in order to unite all the tribes. The outcome of it was satisfying and very well appreciated by the Indians. At the

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