The Prince Reflection

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In his novel, the prince, nicolo machiavelli guides us to be a fruitful ruler. He clarifies the best routes for any ruler or sovereign to govern a region, bring prosper to the society, and keep up their position. This book can be read by anyone to get a few pointers on political issues. Most of the thoughts held by machivelli were linked to mercilessness and evil, hence they raised a considerable number of eyebrows. He maintains that the ruler 's primary goal should be conquering, staying in control of the general public and to always have the idea of war in mind. His ideas seemed utterly straightforward as he used simple logic, thus i liked his view points, even though i had a few disagreements with his ideas of solutions to some problems. Some of his central opinions based around the idea that its better to be feared than to be loved by people. to not be unbiased and to disregard flattery. In one of his chapters, it was explicitly stated by machiavelli that being feared by people is more secure then being adored by the. He further …show more content…

I can relate about the advantage of being dreaded than cherished. I fear my psychology educator, and to not get shouted at, I make a decent attempt to do well, and to satisfy her. I adore my guardians, however i don 't dread them, so I 'm not hesitant to defy them. . Furthermore, on individuals who like to compliment you, to get your support, I don 't trust them. You know how great you are, however normally, you don 't recognize what you are doing incorrectly or what is should have been done past your insight. I generally need to improve myself to be better, so I require opinions . The rulers today, from Obama barrack to Nawaz sharif , must all acquire a copy of a copy of The prince, and possibly everybody could have a better comprehension of one another

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