Thomas Jefferson And Niccolo Machiavelli's The Morals Of The Prince

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Thomas Jefferson and Niccolo Machiavelli both believe that the actions of the people shape the characteristics of the ruler and define the type of authority that will be held towards the people. Machiavelli, the first great political philosopher of the Renaissance, argues all men are untrustworthy due to their selfish, self-interested and impulsive ways of life in his writing, The Morals of the Prince, and therefore, to keep the people under control the ruler must be prepared to be cruel and instill fear among the people. Opposing Machiavelli is Jefferson. In The Declaration of Independence Jefferson believes people can be trusted since they have the ability to make their own decisions. Whereas Machiavelli supports tyranny, Jefferson believes …show more content…

Machiavelli argues the perfect prince will be both feared and loved by his people, and if unable to be both he will make himself feared and not hated. Machiavelli believes it is much safer to be feared than to be loved because people are less likely to offend and stand up against strong characters, also people are less concerned in offending a prince who has made himself loved. Accordingly, Machiavelli believes generosity is harmful to your reputation and the choice between being generous or stingy, merciful or cruel, honest or deceitful, should only be important if it aids the prince in political power. All in all, Machiavelli believes the ruler must be a great deceiver and do what is essential to uphold power over the …show more content…

In this document, Jefferson declared the need to separate from the British Empire and voiced the opinion of many Americans views about our rights as humans. Additionally, Jefferson believes that God created every man with rights no one can take away, the right to live, the right to freedom, and the right the pursue happiness. Jefferson goes on to argue, that we the people have rights that cannot be taken away and it is the right of the people to abolish such a government, which tries to take away our God given rights. In support of Thomas Jefferson, the ideal government should be designed and ran for the people, and judged by how effectively it secures the rights of the people while promoting happiness and equality. The government is the only foundation that can make our rights of justice, liberty, and equality, become reality. Where Machiavelli believes all men are selfish and fickle, our soldiers show first hand all men are not selfish as they’re fighting and risking their lives over seas. A selfish man would not put his country first in the fight for justice, nor leave his family behind. While some soldiers are fighting for justice in the states, some are fighting for their families and an income. Whether they are fighting for the country or their family, they are anything but

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