Compare And Contrast Mccarthyism And The Salem Witch Trials

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“The Salem witch trials occurred in Colonial Massachusetts between sixteen ninety two and sixteen ninety three.” (¼) During this time loads of people were accused of witchcraft over two hundred to be exact. A witch hunt is a search for persecution of a so called witch, and unfortunately during The Salem witch trials it was just one big witch hunt. The Salem witch trials began in January of sixteen ninety two, and I quote “when a group of young girls began to display bizarre behavior.” (⅓) The thing about this community is that it was strictly puritan, and you were not allowed to do anything for entertainment besides pray “if” you were a women, so when they were caught dancing around a fire and chanting they were put on trial for witchcraft. Three women were identified, but only one confessed to seeing the devil who appeared to her, …show more content…

McCarthyism is a political attitude as The Salem witch trials were just a hunt for witches. Both McCarthyism and and The Salem witch trials were big mass hysterias Mccarthy had accused three hundred and twenty people of being communists versus the two hundred that were accused of being witches during The Salem witch trials. They both had to deal with attitude in a way mostly, because everyone was terrified they were all trying to find someone guilty as the fear consumed them, they wanted to feel safe in their community safe from the Soviet union or safe from the devil, and they were not going to feel safe until all the ¨communists¨ or ¨witches¨ that are guilty were found. But in all reality these were innocent people in the McCarthyism era and during The Salem witch trials, the innocent didn't deserve to die during The Salem witch trials nineteen innocent people were hanged during The Salem witch trials simply because of other people's fear and falsely accusing them, because they didn't like the person or that other people longed for what they had. The Salem witch trials were quite the tragedy and many suffered from this

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