Compare And Contrast Olan And The Virtuous Woman

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Olan and the The Virtuous Woman are the embodiment of loyal and good-hearted women. The Virtuous Woman is rare, giving, and somewhat of a business woman, however, Olan is not a rare jewel, does not give to the poor, and is not involved in a business. Although, Olan is in fact a woman with a troubled history because she grew up as a slave, nevertheless she remains virtuous and provides greatly for her husband and family. In addition to this, Olan and The Virtuous Woman remain similar because they are faithful and diligent wives. With this in mind, The Good Earth ultimately provides the reader with a vivid image of what a selfless, devoted, and reliable woman looks like that compares but also contrasts to The Virtuous Woman. Furthermore, the virtuous woman is a woman that is uncommon, charitable, and involved in a sort of business whereas Olan does not acquire such abilities. Likewise, the virtuous woman is described as having a price “far above rubies”. Where the virtuous woman is described as the bearer of an enormous worth and possibly the possessor of some sort of beauty in accordance, Olan, on the other hand, is described as an average woman that probably would not be considered to have a price “far above rubies”. Additionally, the virtuous woman is dedicated to her husband so much that he trusts her and has “no need of spoil”. She does well to look out for her family and sees to it that they are “clothed with scarlet” so they need not fear the cold. Moreover, she also
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