Physical Characteristics Of Roderick And Madeline Usher

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Roderick and Madeline Usher both have very unparalleled physical characteristics that concludes they are vampires. First, Roderick has multiple characteristics similar to those of a vampire. The text states: A cadaverousness of complexion; an eye large, liquid, and luminous beyond comparison; lips somewhat thin and very pallid, but of a surpassingly beautiful curve; a nose of delicate Hebrew model, but with a breadth of nostril unusual in similar formations; of a want of moral energy; hair of a more than web-like softness and tenuity; these features, with an inordinate expansion above the regions of the temple, made up altogether a countenance not easily to be forgotten. (Poe 4). This quotation explains the acuteness and precision of Roderick’s physical features. Also, it demonstrates how Roderick has a dead complexion …show more content…

According to the text, the House of Usher included “vacant eye-like windows…, a few rank sedges..., white trunks of decayed trees…, and an utter depression of soul” (Poe 1). This quotation explains how the house itself seemed like it was inspecting your every move with decaying trees that signify death which compares to how vampires are the living dead with an eerie cloud hovering above the house. In addition, the text interpreted how the house smells like death which could be the result of all the dead victims that Roderick and Madeline have killed. In the text, it states, “Feeble gleams of encrinsoned light made its way through the trellised panes, and served to render sufficiently distinct the more prominent objects around” (Poe 4). In this quotation, it explains how the room is surrounded by deep red lights which symbolize blood and leads back to the conclusion of the Ushers as vampires. The House of Usher includes all the characteristics of where a vampire would be

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