Compare And Contrast The Articles Of Confederation

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America was founded as a land of equal opportunity and freedom. Although we eventually gained our independence from England and started to form our democratic country, one of the largest issues in the developing state was power. Land was everything to new comers in america in the 17th and 18th century, because if you posed the land you posed the power and wealth. The entire nation was decided into different colonies because most land owner had subdivided sections and didn't want to give in and band together to form a union. The Articles of Confederation was the first form of constitutionalized doctrine signed by the thirteen original colonies the declared the United States of America as a confederation of sovereign states. Having america being …show more content…

Two different plans, the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan, came into fuse into one and was known as the Great Compromise which helped delegates distribute even representation state to state. The next large issue, and in my opinion the largest was Slavery which was a difficult and as we know lengthy process which eventually was abolished. Southern slave owners wanted slaves to be counted in the population so they could get more representation on larger states, this lead to the Three-Fifths Compromise where slaves would be counted as three-fifths of a person when taking poll on the population. This was very important because if slavery was abolished at this point the southern states would of just disbanded from the convention. The last of major compromise was how they were going to decide who would take the chair of president of our country. After much debated the created the Electoral College which is a presidential voting system that a fixed number of votes were cast in each state for whom they wanted to become president. Although these are three major compromises that the farmers had created the electoral college is the only system that we still use today because eventually the south wouldn't appeal to many of the northern states due to slavery which started the civil

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