The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation

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Anna Lahair
Mr. Mingace
8th Grade Civics
26 February 2023
The Strengths and Weakness’ of the Articles of Confederation
Making a new government is hard. The makers of the Articles of Confederation created a more fragile government because they did not want an overpowering government but, they may have left out necessities for running a government. The articles of confederation were made in Philadelphia in 1777 to be a national government for the new States. They were made to keep law and order for the colonists but the government was unstable and it ended up catastrophic. The framers of the Articles of Confederation wanted to improve upon the Constitutional Monarchy of King George III by allowing less authority to one person or governing body. While the articles were a good starting point to build a strong government, they did not take into account certain things that are necessary for it to function properly, such as law enforcement and taxes. …show more content…

According to Icivics, “King George III was controlling. He took away colonial legislatures, gave himself the authority to make colonial law, and taxed the colonists' goods without their consent.” (Icivics 1) King George III was a tyrant who did not allow the colonists to have any input in their government. This is why they broke away and created the Articles of Confederation to prevent their new government from becoming a tyranny. The only positive seen from the articles of confederation was creating a central government with less power and, thereby, avoiding

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