Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation

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Many people thought the Articles of Confederation wasn’t strong enough for the nation. The government leaders decided to make the Constitution. It made the nation and the federal government stronger. We did a lot of things before we got to writing the new Constitution. The Articles of Confederation had many weaknesses, some are it gave most of the power to the states, it only had one branch of government and the legislative branch had little power. There was no judicial branch and no system of checks and balances. Shays’s rebellion was caused by high taxes, high debt, and loss of land. Shays wanted to shut down the court so no one's property could be taken. Most rebels were in jail. They let Shays and others free because they knew many citizens of the …show more content…

There are two types of people who are against the Constitution. you were either a federalist or an anti-federalist. Federalists were people who supported the Constitution so examples would be James Madison Alexander Hamilton George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. They believed individual rights were protected by state constitutions. if you were an anti-federalist you didn't agree with the Constitution you opposed the ratification of the Constitution. They thought the Constitution took too much power from the states and worried the national government would become too strong. They also thought the Constitution lacked protection of individual rights. The Federalist Papers were essays written supporting the constitution. They were written by John Jay Alexander Hamilton and James Madison but they were written under the name Publis.It reassured Americans that the new federal government wouldn't overpower the newly created states.There are three branches of government the legislative branch the executive branch and the judicial branch. The legislative branch is Congress and it proposes and passes laws. The executive branch has the president and helps around the

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